Consulting & Training Sessions

Not sure where to start?

Want feedback on your current marketing efforts before moving forward with a new plan?

Need guidance? expert advice? a second opinion? some new ideas? answers?

No sweat.

Below are all of your consultation options. If you have a specific area of your marketing your want to address, I recommend scheduling THAT consultation. However, if you need a little help all over the place, or want me to review a few different areas of your marketing strategy (or lack there of) then I HIGHLY recommend scheduling a Strategy Session.

Here’s the difference:Key Words - key to successful website optimization in meta data

Consultation – a consultation is one hour of focused advice and Q&A about a certain topic. Typically, you are concerned with one area of your marketing (let’s say it’s your email newsletter and you want to know what you can do better). We spend that hour going over your current efforts and talking about ways to improve. I give lots of feedback, suggestions and simple tips & tricks that you can implement right away to get better results. I also answer as many questions as you can fit into the hour :)

Strategy Session – this is more like an assessment, audit and future plan all rolled into one. When you schedule a Strategy Session, you’ll receive a questionnaire so that I can understand your concerns, goals, needs, wants, objectives, struggles and challenges.

Once I get your answers back, I’ll do a little internet stalking…seriously…I’ll be looking over your internet presense with a fine toothed comb to find your weaknesses and discover opportunites. With all this information, I’ll put together a 3 month plan for you…what you need to do in the next 3 months to get on your path to success. I’ll determine what you should hire out, what you should do in-house and where your time & money will make the most sense. I’ll send you that report and we’ll schedule a 1 hour consultation to go over the  plan.

During the consult I’ll answer your questions and we can make adjustments to the plan as our discussion progresses. You’ll feel like you have direction and a firm grasp on WHY you’re investing your energy into internet marketing.

Website Evaluation
We’ll look at your website’s aesthetic, user-friendliness, calls-to-action, and search engine optimization.

Social Media & SEO Evaluation
We will review your presense on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Yelp, Google,  and other websites to find ways to improve your visibility online and your audience engagement.



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