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Your business is unique.
Your needs, budget, time-frame, expectations, challenges, advantages and goals are not going to be
the same as the other guy down the street.

Whether you are just getting started online or you are ready to take your internet presence to the next level,
we have solutions that make sense for your goals and your budget.

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This stuff can be intimidating. Don’t get overwhelmed. We are help to help!
We provide a huge range of services and work with all kinds of businesses. Most of our clients started with the comment, “I’m not sure what I need.” So, if you are unsure of where to start, don’t fret, you are not alone.

The truth is there is NO one-size-fits-all solution.
A Real Estate Agent shouldn’t have the same internet marketing plan as a Wedding Planner. If you Sell Products, then your strategy will be different than your friend the Accountant. This is what makes internet marketing SOOOO confusing for business owners…

That said, there is a way to figure out the best solution for your business without wasting TONS of money trying out different tactics.

The answer is to get clarity and create a plan.

My name is Libby Higgins. Internet Marketing is what I do…all day long. It’s what I think about when I wake up, in the shower and when I go to bed…your passion is probably something else, but mine is figuring out ways to use the internet to help small business owners.

I don’t want you to waste any of your hard earned money OR any of your very precious time! To get you the BEST POSSIBLE marketing answers, I HIGHLY recommend that you schedule a 1 hour Strategy Session with me. When you schedule the session, you’ll receive a questionnaire to help me understand your concerns, goals, objectives and challenges.

I will take your answers and come up with a Marketing Strategy just for you! Totally customized to meet your needs IN your budget. We will review this plan over the phone for 1 hour, make adjustments as necessary and I’ll answer all your questions about social media so that you can make informed decisions moving forward.

After the consult, you’ll get a written version of the Marketing Strategy & notes from our 1 hour so that you can take that information with you…whether you hire us to do the work for you or you decide to do-it-yourself.

If you are ready to get started, click the button below to schedule your Strategy Session.

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If you already know what you need and you’re ready to get the show on the road…
Fill out our contact form or call us at 818-840-8400 and tell us:

  • what services you need and want
  • your budget
  • a good time to call you
  • the best phone number to reach you

We will get back to you ASAP!

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