Why People Choose Us over all the other guys…

  • We are fast. Like really, really fast. Like if you had told us to do something before you started reading this, it would be done now.
  • We are fun. Our clients like talking to us (even when they are paying for it!).dog watching a movie
  • We are honest. Some people say blunt, we say…yeah, blunt is a good word for it. If we think you are heading in the wrong direction, or if you are asking for a service you really don’t need yet, we will tell you. We are not afraid to say “No” when necessary.
  • We are ladies. Not that it really matters, but some peeps like to work with women so that counts as a benefit, right?
  • We know what we are talking about. We are not sales reps and we don’t outsource the work to timbuktu. We actually know what we are doing AND we know what you need to be doing online…even better…we can explain to you what we are doing and why you need it…in plain English.
  • We are reasonable. We aren’t out to bankrupt your biz or make you sweat our invoices. In fact, we believe to our core that you should ONLY do what’s within your budget. We would much rather have clients who pay less, but survive another day to hire us again, than have clients who go bust after putting up their website. We can give you a plan that will meet your needs AND give you the best bang-for-your-buck!
  • WE are not a one-man-band. There are two of us. One is the loneliest number, two isn’t that much better than one, so we like to have interns too. The other upside to this is that we each have our strengths. It’s like this: If the city was being attacked wouldn’t you rather all of The Avengers showed up instead of just Hawkeye…yeah, we thought so. So wouldn’t you rather have a team of specialists work on your web presence? Makes sense now doesn’t it. (And if you don’t understand this reference, rest assured it demonstrates that we are geeky enough to be good at this whole internet thing).
  • We don’t disappear. We have heard every horror story ever about website designers, programmers, and SEO people. We know you’ve probably had a bad experience…and now you’re calling us…angry at the other guy…but needing our help…it’s okay, let it all out, we can take it, we understand and we’ll be here for you.
  • We make good lists. Nuff said.
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